TV Roundup 26/09/14 - 01/11/14

Flash and Constantine stand out in what is an all round impressive week of TV!

The Walking Dead S5E3 - “Four Walls and a Roof” - Awesome 9/10 

Things got a bit crazy this week in TWD as the group faced off against the cannibals from Terminus and argued over the decision on whether to leave for DC or not. Bob stood out this week – perhaps fittingly as it was his last episode - despite only having only one leg (get it?) after the Terminus crew chowed down on it in front of him. Good old Bob did manage to get some enjoyment out of it, however, after he revealed that he had been bitten and they were in fact eating tainted meat.

It was definitely gratifying to see the cannibals freak out upon hearing it, even if it meant we knew Bob was toast. In fact, it was almost as gratifying as seeing Rick go crazy mode again when it came to taking out their flesh eating enemies – he even kept his promise by killing the leader with his red-handled machete. Perhaps the only thing that detracted from this episode was the cruellest cliffhanger yet; Daryl returned, after having left in pursuit of Beth's captors with Carol, but something has happened to Carol. WHAT HAPPENED TO CAROL!?

Gotham S1E6 - “Spirit of the Goat” - Kinda Awesome 7/10

This weeks episode gave us a closer look into the life of Harvey Bullock, including a flashback to when he was a rookie detective in Gotham, much like Jim is today. Jim and Harvey are up against a copycat killer, with the same MO as the serial killer Harvey faced 10 years ago. It was good to see that Harvey wasn't always the cynic he is now and the events that turned him into a firm believer in the number one rule in Gotham: no heroes.

There's hope yet for Harvey, but his relationship with Jim is going to be strained even more thanks to Montoya and the MCU finally arresting Gordonfor the murder of Oswald Cobblepot. That's not the bit that's going to cause problems, but rather Oswald's typically casual appearance at the GCPD in the closing moments. Whilst we didn't get to see much of Oswald this episode, he still managed to be entertaining, and I continue to look forward to seeing more of him (though maybe less of his...strange mother and their stranger relationship).

The Blacklist S2E6 - “The Mombassa Cartel (No. 114)” - Awesome 9/10

Speaking of relationships, there were a whole host of game changers and big reveals in this weeks Blacklist. First off, we got some welcome backstory to Red's right hand man, Dembe, via the villain of the week plot – The Mombassa Cartel (and the freaky redneck types hunting them). I enjoyed seeing another facet to the often silent, stoic companion of everyones favourite criminal. We also got more development for Ressler, who's been a relatively downplayed presence in recent episodes, and although a drug addiction plotline is sort of cliché, I'm still looking forward to the shows take on it.

The big pull of this episode, especially from the marketing campaign, was the reveal of “#LizziesSecret” and it was somewhat underwhelming as by the time of the reveal itself, it was blatantly obvious that it was Tom behind the ominous door. We've had plenty of clues prior to this, like when Lizzie was being interviewed by Dr Linus Creel, where she fantasised about locking her ex husband away and torturing him. This being said, it will still be interesting to see how his plot unfolds and what Red's reaction is when he inevitably finds out.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S2E6 - “A Fractured House” - Awesome 9/10

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D had a fantastic episode this week, with fast paced, hard hitting action and some great plot and character development. A big focus this week was former Agent Ward and his Senator elder brother – whom he accuses of physical and psychological abuse as a child. The Senator had a different tale to weave, one that paints Grant as unhinged even as a child; the way they wove the two threads together in this episode was fantastic, and you really have no idea which one of the brothers is telling the truth. Now that Ward is free though, I'm betting we're going to find out.

The opening action sequence really set the bar high for the rest of the episode, when a team of S.H.I.E.L.D agents – or rather, Hydra agents masquerading as them – attack a U.N. Meeting headed by General Talbot. The most awesome part about this sequence was the use of a shuriken-like device that disintegrates it's victims on touch. A special mention has to go out to the fight sequence between May and the leader of the fake S.H.I.E.L.D squad, who wielded a knife on a chain – let's just say it was extra badass! Fitz-Simmons had a good chunk of development this week, with Simmons revealing to Mack that the reason she left was that she made Fitz worse by being around him. It was good to see a different side to their relationship, giving it a whole new depth and feel.

The Flash S1E4 – “Going Rogue” - Freakin' Awesome 10/10

Now to my pick of the week, The Flash really cranked up the awesome, with the introduction of a badass Captain Cold, played by one of the many Prison Break alumnis in the show, Wentworth Miller. He gave a much more cold (ha) and calculated take on the character than you find in the comics and it really worked. He is easily the stand out villain of the series so far and the closing scene showed us that we're going to see a lot more of him and his “new kind of crew” - in other words, the beginnings of The Rogues.

We were treated to a Felicity crossover this week – if you watch Arrow, you'll remember her requesting time off to see Barry at the end of last weeks episode – and it's entirely likely that we're now going to see a rise of “Balicity” fanatics.Nevertheless, it was great to see her interact with Barry's team – even giving a crucial helping hand at several points – and the dynamic between her and Barry somehow managed to put the relationships between the four (Olly, Felicity, Barry and Iris) into sharper perspective.

Arrow S3E4 - “The Magician” - Awesome 8/10

Arrow continued straight on from last weeks episode, that saw Nyssa return to Starling City in search of Sara. Nyssa reveals to Oli and the team that Malcolm Merlyn is alive and in the city, and he quickly becomes the prime suspect in the death of Sara. It was great to finally have that bomb dropped on Oli, however his reaction to it is somewhat questionable; he opts to take the high road, letting Merlyn live and even going as far as telling the League of Assassins that whilst he is in Starling City, he is under Olivers protection.

For the sake of brevity, this was after Malcolm swore on Thea's life that he didn't kill Sara, and he was very convincing. Nyssa, Laurel, even Diggle thought killing Malcolm was the best call to make, but Oliver proved once again that he's not a killer any more – he's a hero. Plus, it's not exactly like the League of Assassins are the good guys – clues in the name, folks. I am interested to see how the Merlyn – Thea – Oliver dance plays out, and when the latter will finally catch on to the former two working together as teacher and student. Finally, we got the long awaited reveal of big name villain Ra's Al Ghul – sure, it was just a teasing final scene, but it's got me excited.

Constantine S1E2 - “The Darkness Beneath” - Freakin' Awesome 10/10

Constantine is my pick of the week, thanks to a mix of a fantastically enjoyable John Constantine, an intriguing – and more memorable – new female lead, and some brilliant tones, styles and special effects. The plot centres around a small mining town in Pennsylvania that is being plagued by some kind of demon. Turns out, the demons are actually the spirits of former miners, and are normally guardians that simply warn of danger; now, they've been turned into assassins that are taking out the bosses of the mine one by one. I really enjoyed seeing both Matt Ryan stretch his legs with the leading role – we even got smoking references! - and the production really nail the look and feel.

Zed, the new leading lady, was introduced early on in the episode, and immediately added a whole new feel to the show; the dynamic has shifted from what would've been more damsel in distress, to the badass companion we have now. The style feels much more enjoyable – not that the pilot wasn't awesome – and has made me really look forward to seeing where this show goes.

All in all, we've had another brilliant week on the small screen, with most – if not all – the shows really stepping up their game and revealing some great plots for the future, progressing some characters forward, and leaving me desperate to see what happens next!

Show of the Week: The Flash

Show of the Week: Constantine

This has been Deedsy, and this has been Blacksmith, writing for The Awesome Update, over and out.

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