Why Gotham Season One Episode Four is Awesome

Cobblepot rises!”

Another week and another great episode of Gotham. Things are now shaping up for the future, the balls started rolling on some major events and with the show being extended to a full season, things can only get better!

From here on out, there are spoilers for this episode.

Episode three, entitled Arkham, revolves around plans to redevelop the run down Arkham district, and the major players, Maroni and Falcone, want a piece of the action. The season is shaping up to be a battle for control between the two Dons, with everyone else simply choosing a side - except for Fish Mooney, who wants nothing more than to take the mantle from Falcone. Mooney held auditions in her club, seemingly for a new singer, but the job looks like it will involve much more than just a talented voice. The two candidates were asked whether they liked boys or girls and how they would seduce them, demonstrating on Mooney, which begs the question why is this necessary for a singer? Well, based on the gruesome fight between the two girls at the end to decide who got the job, we can assume that the job will be to get close to Falcone and possibly kill him. It'll be interesting to see how Mooney's plan unfolds throughout the season, after Falcone has already shot down her ideas for a mutiny. I do hope her character isn't too short lived, however, as Jada Pinkett Smith completely owns the role and is easily one of the most enjoyable characters in the show right now.

The dynamic detective duo, Gordon and Bullock, are tasked at finding a hitman who is killing off councilmen set to vote on the Arkham situation. The vote is to decide whether the Arkham district should be used to build affordable housing and to knock down the old asylum and rebuild a state of the art one in it's place, or to build a waste disposal facility. The vote basically boils down to whether people side with Falcones housing project or Maroni's waste disposal plans, and if either one were to gain control then there would be some serious problems. The hitman is a true neutral, though, and takes out councilmen on both sides of the vote. He even attempts to take the life of the Mayor – he's stopped by Jim and Harvey – causing the Arkham district to be split down the middle, with Falcone getting his housing project and Maroni his waste disposal plant and a contract to redevelop the old Arkham building (instead of rebuilding a new one). So, with the intricacies of organised crime politics out of the way we can talk about the hitman himself, who turned out be just that. There was no real development to this guy, other than he uses an interesting tool of his own design – a cylinder that shoots out a spike, Assassins Creed hidden blade style – to take out his victims, and that he killed a civilian and assumed his life in order to create the perfect cover (basically, he's a ghost).

Gordon and Bullocks partnership continued to show strain, with both arguing about how to solve the case; Bullock relies on Mooney and Gordon, being his usual, by the book self, follows the evidence. The pair don't spend much time together, but do converge at the end the save the Mayor's life.

Some pretty serious drama also happened between Jim and Barbara, as the latter revealed the truth about her past with ex-lover Agent Montoya. Jim is angered by this, but Barbara has her own problems with Jim keeping secrets from her – specifically, about Cobblepot. She ends up giving Gordon the ultimatum that he opens up to her about what happened with Cobblepot and his work, or lets her go – as it stands, its the latter!

As always, I have to mention Cobblepot and how he is by far the greatest character in the show so far. Having got himself a job in Maroni's restaurant in the previous episode, he hires men to rob the restaurant and kill the manager, while he hides away in a closet holding a bag of Maroni's money. These events lead Maroni to promote Cobblepot to the managers position, and order a hit back at Falcone, who he believes is behind the attack. So, from a penniless 'dead man' in the previous episode, Cobblepot now has a boat load of Maroni's cash and a nice job within his organisation. Not bad for an episodes work! I'll say it again, Ryan Lord Taylor excels, as he has done in every episode so far, and is quite easily the best character in the show!

Bruce shows up again, but simply shows his disgust for the whole Arkham situation as his deceased parents were the ones behind the original redevelopment project, that has since been hijacked for criminal purposes. Whether this gives motive to either of Gothams Dons to have them murdered we don't know for sure, but it will be interesting to see if their murder is ever solved in the episodes to come.

To rap things up, this episode is another great one in what has been a brilliant opening to the show, and has left me thinking who even needs Batman?! The ball is now rolling on some major season plot lines and Cobblepot is on the rise! Bring on next weeks episode!

Final Score 8/10

This has been Deedsy for The Awesome Update, tune in next Tuesday for my thoughts on Episode 4, over and out!

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