Why The Walking Dead Season Two Episode 5 is Freakin’ Awesome

All things come to an end”

This episode is the culmination of two seasons and three years of a narrative that has taken a good chunk of the video-gaming world by storm. All of your decisions, character choices and paths you’ve walked have led to this moment. It is the coming together of all character development, playable and non-playable, done over the last 10 episodes and multiple hours of play. Who lives, who dies, how your story ends: all are decisions you will make in this episode. In fact, the last ten minutes of this episode will really define your Clementine and her future. To say any more would be a disservice to those that have played the game and those that are going to. Just know that you’re in for a hell of an emotional roller coaster and things will never be the same again. Truly, this is interactive story-telling at its finest.

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Final Score: 10/10

‘Til next time, this has been Josh writing for The Awesome Update.

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