Why The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 4 is Awesome

Out of the frying pan…”

You are in a bad world, doing bad things: does that make you a bad person? I ask, because the start of this episode is the exact moment the last episode cut off and leaves you doing certain things that are...questionable, to say the least, and this episode doesn’t let up with the ethically dubious decisions in its sub-2 hours play time. Stealing, killing, leaving people to die: these are all things you will have to come to terms with in this latest episode. Do you let someone you know turn into a zombie? Or do you kill them beforehand so they don’t turn at all? How do you react to the people that loved them after they witness your actions? Do you try to save everyone, or do you only save those that are useful and near to you? Do you repair broken relationships, or do you make them accept that that is the way of the world now? Are you willing to live with the consequences of your actions? All of these questions and more are answered by you in this episode and, by the end of it, you’ll really be wondering what kind of person you are.

The episode contains the same fantastic graphical style of the others, along with the same game-play and decision making. There are still technical hiccups every now and then, but that’s almost become the norm for these games. I do, however, feel that Episode 4 isn’t quite as strong as the last two episodes in the season thus far – primarily because, while it feels like a lot happens, it’s mainly all set up for the next, and final, episode of the season. That, and your decisions seem to have a lot less impact than in previous episodes. You shouldn’t read the above comments as major criticisms, though, as I still found it to be fantastic to play through and will gladly do so again; but with the season finale around the corner, and season 3 confirmed, I can’t wait to see how your decisions here shape the story and the characters to come.

Final Score: 8/10

‘Til next time, this has been Josh, writing for The Awesome Update.

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