RDJ to join Cap 3 for Civil War?!

Here's a potentially Awesome Update for Marvel fans everywhere! Rumours have been flying around today that Robert Downey Jnr is set to join Chris Evens in Captain America 3, with the rumoured title for the film being either 'Civil War' or 'Fallen Son'. Readers of the Marvel comics will recognise that both of those titles are directly related to Mark Millers brilliant graphic novel, with Fallen Son being the follow up story arc after the major events of Civil War.

Civil War is widely considered to be one of the best Marvel graphic novels out there and see's it's heroes take sides over the Superhero Registration Act with Cap on one side and Tony Stark on the other. The events of Civil War would definitely cause some massive changes to the MCU.

Variety, who supplied the orignal story, have said that RDJ was set to have a small part in the film but wanted a much bigger one, leading Marvel studios President Kevin Feige to jump at he opportunity to bring Civil War to the MCU. This rumour would answer the current 'will he? won't he?' situation surrounding RDJ and a possible Iron Man 4 movie.

Would you like to see Civil War come to the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.


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