First look at Paul Rudd in Ant-Man

Here's an Awesome Update for Paul Rudd, Marvel and Ant-Man fans! To celebrate filming beginning on Marvels next ambitious project, Ant-Man, they've released the first shot of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang!

The image gives us a feel for what Lang is like when we first meet him - down on his luck, rough around the edges sort. Lang will be teaming up with Michael Douglas' older Hank Pym - creator of the Pym particles that allow Lang to shrink to the size of an ant whilst keeping his normal strength - to take down Pym's shady employee Darren Cross aka "Yellowjacket" (in the comics, Yellowjacket is actually another costumed persona of Pym himself, who was a notorious schizophrenic and general head case - the more you know!). 

What do you think? Does this whet your appetite for Ant-Man? Did Guardians of the Galaxy' success really open you up to the idea of another non-mainstream hero flick? Let us know in the comments below! 

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