Marvels comic shake up continues with Unworthy Thor, Superior Iron Man, new Captain America and new Avengers

Here's an Awesome Update for Marvel fans! Further to yesterdays reveal of a new female Thor, Marvel have made some more announcements about their Big Three and the flagship team, the Avengers!

First off, we get a look at "Unworthy Thor", who looks a little worse for wear, below. He still exudes badassery, however, now wielding Jarnborn and using The Destroyers arm to replace his left one that was damaged earlier in the Thor: God of Thunder run (notice how it makes him that one step closer to the "God King Thor" from the future?). Despite being replaced by our new mystery woman, it seems the big blonde barbarian is still to feature prominently in the Marvel universe, and is still going to kick ass. 

Second, Captain America - having been depowered himself - has found himself a replacement to wear the iconic stars and stripes and carry the legendary shield: none other than long time partner and Avengers card member, Falcon.

Thirdly, Iron Man has moved digs from New York to San Francisco, and has gone through a redesign that sees him wearing a silver suit that brings to mind an Apple computer design. Axel Alonso, Marvels Editor-in-Chief, says that the new Superior Iron Man will be a character that is "hard to root for", similar to the likes of Superior Spider-Man (who was actually Doc Ock in Peter Parker's body, though this new Iron Man is still definitely Tony Stark).

Finally, we get our look at a new Avengers lineup, including the new Big Three, Scarlet Witch, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange (all three of which are set to be featured in the cinematic universe), Deathlok (who has a new solo title spinning out of Original Sin), Inferno, Medusa (part of Marvel's push to bring the Inhumans to the fore), former Spawn character Angela (incorporated in Marvels mythology as the sister of Thor from the Tenth Realm) and Winter Soldier (who is now a space-faring assassin).

All this marks Marvels second push to streamline their continuity and provide easy jumping on points for new readers.

What do you think? Are you excited about the change up? What are your hopes for these characters going forward? Let us know in the comments below!

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