Ubisoft @ E3 2014 Round Up!

"All the big announcements from Ubisoft's E3 2014 Conference!"


Hot off the heels of the success of Watchdogs, Ubisoft had a strong position coming into E3 this year, but instead of going all out they mostly chose to play it safe and just reveal extra bits of information about some of their upcoming titles – before closing the show with the massive reveal of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege! Aisha Tyler returned to present and graced us with her often non funny and awkward humour that single handedly destroyed Whose Line Is It Anyway for me. Anyway let’s get on with the announcements and the big news that came out of Ubisofts conference!

FarCry 4

Ubisoft opened the show with the first 5 minutes of FarCry 4, in a similar vein to FarCry 2 and Skyrim in that you have no influence on the events happening around you and are just there for the ride. The game opens with you being transported to Kyrat near the Himalayas. From here the madness begins and we meet Pagan Min, the dapper looking gentleman seen on the box art that was revealed recently and has been criticized by many. However, don’t let the box art fool you, Pagan looks like a very enjoyable psychopath who I’m sure will be a great antagonist in FarCry 4.

Check out the full opening sequence right here:


Just Dance 2015

After opening with FarCry 4, Ubisoft chose to throw in some information about another one of their many successful franchises, Just Dance. How long this franchise will be successful is open to debate with the recent release of the Xbox One without the Kinect sensor, as the amount of people able to play it may depreciate rapidly. Luckily, Ubisoft had it covered by revealing Just Dance Now, a smart phone app that allows you to dance whenever and wherever you like with as many people as you wish and with access to worldwide leaderboards - I’m sure this will keep the big Just dance fans happy! After being hugely successful on the Nintendo Wii, I thought there may have been a nod to the Wii U in here, but like EA they chose to stay quiet on the subject.

Check out the Just Dance Now demo right here:


The Division

Once again there was no real news on The Division, with Ubisoft choosing to show off the first cinematic trailer for the upcoming multiplayer shooter set in an a post-apocalyptic looking New York. The trailer was very deep and emphasised the feeling of hope in a time when it wouldn’t seem possible.

Check out the cinematic trailer for The Division right here:


The Crew

The Crew is an intriguing concept, and one I’m surprised hasn’t been attempted before. The main reveal from this trailer was that the footage shown was a sped up sequence of an actual in-game mission, one that lasted 2 hours. That’s right, a 2 hour mission that involved driving hundreds of miles coast to coast from Miami to LA. It was also revealed that the open world MMO will allow players to traverse the entirety of the USA, which I’m sure will give players hours of driving bliss! The Crew will be released 11/11/14 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Check out the Coast to Coast gameplay trailer for The Crew right here:


Assassins Creed: Unity

Building on what was revealed during Xbox’s conference, Ubisoft opened with the cinematic trailer before leading into a good chunk of actual gameplay from AC: Unity, showing off the vast amount of things you can do in its systematic open world. The demo showed off multiple opportunities for extra story missions, as well as random events similar to the previous AC games where you can go all vigilante and defend people from attack or chase down a thief, all the while searching for your next target. There was brief mention regarding the 4 player co-op coming to the game and also about various customisable options that are available to each of the different playable characters, but no mention as to whether these will have separate stories or simply just be playable multiplayer characters somewhat akin to Halo co-op, where there’s just multiple Master Chiefs.

Check out the cinematic trailer for AC: Unity right here:


Shape Up

A minor reveal from Ubisoft here with a similar feel to Just Dance and the aim of making exercise into a game that people can enjoy. The examples used were that running would be much more fun if you were, say, doing it on top of a moving train. The game utilises actual footage of you playing the game as a way for you to race and compete against past you and better your times. Once again with the soon to be lack of Kinects with Xbox One consoles I’m not sure how well this game will do.

 Check out the trailer for Shape Up right here:


Valiant Hearts

This was a perfectly timed and awesome tonal shift for the penultimate offering from Ubisoft. Valiant Hearts runs on the Rayman Legends engine and is set during World War 1. The trailer showed off the art style and was beautifully voiced over with an actual letter that was written during the war. The game is believed to be in a similar style to the Telltale Walking Dead games and is aimed at being an interactive story more than a Wartime shooter! 

Check out the trailer for Valiant Hearts right here:


Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege

After a fairly tame and safe conference from Ubisoft, they chose to bring it home with this massive reveal! After a 6 year absence, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 6 is back with the next instalment in the franchise, Siege! The trailer showed off the games massive tactical and strategic options that allow you to customise the way you breach and clear rooms to save hostages and also defend rooms from insurgents! Besides the obviously scripted chat from the players, the trailer showed off what could be an absolutely outstanding game!

Check out the Rainbow 6 Siege PVP reveal trailer right here: 


Thanks for reading folks and make sure to check back later for a round-up of everything Playstation had to offer at their conference! In the mean time, let us know what you thought of Ubisofts conference and the offerings they have in the comments below!

This has been Deedsy for The Awesome Update, over and out!

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