Why The Quiet Ones is Kinda Awesome


“Jared Harris excels in this jumpy typical Hammer horror film”

Over the last century, Hammer Film Productions have definitely earned themselves an impressive reputation within the horror film genre, but in a today's world of horror films that are shot in the found footage style and basically consist of cheap jumps and sometimes awful effects, it’s hard for any horror films to be received the way they used to be.

The Quiet Ones follows many other Hammer classics, in that the main actor truly excels in his role;  Jared Harris plays Oxford University Professor, Joseph Coupland who is conducting an experiment on Jane Harper, a girl who shows all the signs of being possessed. Couplands experiment is set out to prove his hypothesis that possession and supernatural occurrences are fabrications of an ill persons mind and they create these other beings to explain their illness. The experiment is conducted by himself, two students, Krissi and Harry, and cameraman Brian (Sam Claflin) who is the official chronicler for the experiment. To try and prove his hypothesis, Jane must be kept awake for inhuman lengths of time in an attempt to weaken her and increase the chances of Joseph being able to contact her supposed possessor, who goes by the name of Evie. Brian finds everything very hard to believe and questions the true nature of the experiment, as he falls for Jane and tries his best to end her ongoing suffering so she can receive help by more conventional means. The events of the experiment become increasingly more volatile, with Joseph refusing to end it in the belief he can cure Jane and in the end uncovers some disturbing dark forces at work.

“Jared Harris steals the show as the “not all he seems” Professor Moriar…err, Joseph Coupland”

With the events of this film being inspired by actual events, the basic plot is very simple and easy to follow, but at times is let down by the editing. It almost feels as though the scenes were pieced together at random to fit in more cheap jumps that detract from the film as a whole and cause it to lose any feeling of suspense. As the film goes on, more and more side plots are brought in that lead up to a very convoluted ending. All this being said, however, I did actually enjoy The Quiet Ones, predominantly due to Jared Harris, who is no stranger to playing a professor with ulterior motives – he certainly held his own against RDJ as Moriarty in 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Sam Claflin bagged himself a starring role in this film and I’m sure it has nothing to do with him being in The Hunger Games franchise; sadly his character Brian is boring and linear with typical hero motives that make him the dull counterpoint to Jared Harris. Olivia Cooke, who plays Jane, is great throughout, convincingly portraying the split personality of her character and hats off to the make-up artists who made her look like absolute death. One thing that can be said of the cast as a whole is that they pull off the closed group scenario very well, starting off all happy and excited about the experiment and leading to becoming progressively more agitated and aggressive regarding the whole thing.


“Still a better love story than Twilight”

Overall, The Quiet Ones is a very watchable horror film in a time where the genre has become cheap and stale and is only let down by some cliche unnecessary jumpy moments and very questionable editing. 

Final Score 6/10

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