Why The Hangover Part III is Not Awesome

“The Wolfpack returns in the latest and final instalment: The Hangover Part III, but they leave much to be desired.”

We’ve come to expect a few things from the Hangover series now, such as: A drunken night out which results in the main characters forgetting everything, a crazy series of events uncovering the truth of the previous night, and a whole load of laughter. The Hangover Part III doesn’t provide any of those. That’s right; The Hangover Part III has no hangover, no memory loss, and no real comedy.



"Zach, this is an intervention. I'm afraid you've become typecast..."

Let’s start by taking a brief look at the plot, without giving any real spoilers.

Since the events in Bangkok, Alan has stopped taking his medication, which has resulted in him being extremely offensive and unpleasant to pretty much everyone close to him. Due to this, his family decides to stage an intervention and send him to a rehab facility, with the aid of Stu, Phil, and Doug. En route to the rehab facility, the group are run off the road by Marshall – a mob boss, desperately seeking Leslie Chow. At this point, Doug is taken as ‘insurance’ by Marshall, who instructs Phil, Stu, and Alan to find Chow, and return him to Marshall. The remainder of the plot takes the three usual members searching for Chow, and attempting to capture him leading them to Mexico, and finally Vegas, where we have our conclusion.



"... and so have you Ken."

Obviously this is a complete change from the usual Hangover plot formula; a big risk which sadly didn’t pay off. Yes, it was nice to have some throwbacks to the original Hangover movie, such as the group being back in Vegas, and meeting Heather Graham’s character as well as her son Tyler (aka Carlos), but it’s not enough. Alan’s character became less of the comedian, and more of a dark character, who only seemed to want to insult Stu and make jokes that were rarely funny. Chow was also disappointing, especially considering he has just as much screen time as the other main characters. Throughout the movie, the main characters constantly reference how crazy Chow is, and that he’s insane, which gets repetitive very quickly.



"Even John Goodman couldn't save the film."

The movie is very much centred around Alan and Chow, with Stu and Phil pretty much just standing around for the most part (Doug again being a very minor character). Every obvious joke is made, and the characters overall feel spread very thin. However, there are some saving graces… some.

First of all, the character of Marshall is an excellent addition, and really helps to hold this movie together (despite having very little screen time). Another good addition is the character Cassie, a woman who works at a pawn brokers, who acts as a love interest for Alan. One scene in particular with Cassie and Alan features a very humorous and also slightly disturbing insight into the flirtatious mind of Alan. There are a few good jokes, which genuinely made me laugh out loud, but they were spread so far apart through the movie. You’d be waiting a good half hour for a couple of seconds of laughter; and that’s a big problem for a comedy, such as The Hangover.

Overall, The Hangover Part III isn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s far from the best. They made some brilliant decisions, but they made many, many more bad decisions – and it shows. There isn’t much that you’ll remember after watching the movie; but if you’re set on finishing the trilogy, I’d honestly wait until you can rent it, rather than wasting your money to see it in the cinema.

Of course, those are just my views. Let us know what you thought of the movie.

Until next time, this has been Evil Josh writing for The Awesome Update.

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