Why American Hustle is Freakin’ Awesome


“A true acting masterclass, pure genius!”

American Hustle gathers together one of the greatest cast ensembles ever seen outside of a superhero movie, which is ironically something that all these actors can be related too. With Batman, Lois Lane, Rocket Racoon, Mystique and Hawkeye grouped together, how could this film possibly be anything less than freakin’ awesome!?

American Hustle tells the story of Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale), a small time New Jersey con man who falls in love with Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams), a broke but fearless girl with nothing to lose, and together they create a simple but effective scheme to make lots of money. Irving is married to Rosalyn Rosenfeld (Jennifer Lawrence) and adopted father to her son, Danny, but their family life isn't pretty - a fact no better exemplified than in Rosalyn, a typical stay at home drunk who seems incapable of looking after anything except a large glass of wine. Irving and Sydney get caught up in a much bigger scheme than they’ve ever encountered when unorthodox FBI Agent Richie DiMaso (Bradley Cooper) attempts to take down New Jerseys Mayor Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner), along with many state senators, by setting up an elaborate ruse that would see an Arab Sheik invest millions of dollars into the reconstruction of Atlantic City’s casinos. As DiMaso gets increasingly unstable and caught up in his lust for Sydney and his desire to become a famous face in the FBI, things start to spiral out of control, leaving Irving to try and fix the problem and turn a potential failure into a great success.


“Irving Rosenfeld: A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a Dark Knight.”

This film came across in its trailer to be in the same vein as Ocean’s Eleven; in practice, however, it is much more subtle and character driven. The characters are the tools used to sell the con rather than fancy gadgets and elaborate heist plans, and in fact you get so caught up in each person’s problems and their life that you sometimes forget the con that they're attempting to play. Each actor brilliantly brings their character to life, really making you feel for them and in the end making it hard to decide who you want to win. Christian Bale deserves a stand out mention for his fantastic portrayal of Irving - he’s not shy of altering his weight for a role as we’ve previously seen, but this is just fantastic. His New Jersey accent, his jealous tendencies towards Sydney’s relationship with Richie and his obvious disappointment and shame towards his wife are outstanding and thoroughly deserving of praise! Bradley Cooper brings to life another erratic character, similar to that in Silver Linings Playbook, however much less likeable and with a beautiful perm; another role that demonstrates why he is becoming one of the great actors of today and even though he didn’t pick up a Golden Globe last night I’m positive he will do someday.


“An honourable mention goes to Bradley Coopers hair stylist for this beautiful do!”

Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence, who last night picked up Golden Globes for their roles, really show off their talent in this film. Amy Adams nails the massively conflicted life of her character who is, herself, playing a character created to help Irving's cons (and with a perfect English accent to boot): Lady Edith Greensly. Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic as ever, quite possibly the best female actress in the world right now, thoroughly deserves every award she picks up and possibly even her own article as to why she is freakin’ awesome! Last and certainly not least comes Jeremy Renner who, for me, was the most surprisingly awesome performance of the film. He really shows off that he is not just a straight faced action hero, but can in fact act very well. His character, Mayor Carmine Polito, is the picture of perfection, a dedicated family man, a loving husband and a devoted Mayor who will do whatever he can for his city and who has never put a foot wrong.


“The idea was to bring together a group of extraordinary actors, to act in the films that we never could.” – Nick Fury

All in all this film brings together a group of actors that all deserve awards for their roles for vividly bringing to life an intricate world of lies and cons, but also making you feel strongly for each character. The story is fantastic, with twists and turns and a brilliant ending that ties everything up and makes you realise that everything in the film is connected, and with its Golden Globe win last night for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy I would be outraged to not see it pick up many nods for this year’s Oscars. If you haven’t already, go and see this amazing film! Now!

Final Score: 10/10

This has been Deedsy for The Awesome Update, over and out.

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