Why Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is Awesome


“It’s ridiculous, it’s hilarious and it’s awesome!”

Back in 2004, the world was introduced to Ron Burgundy and the Channel 4 news team and everyone is still quoting them to this day. From a screaming “I’m in a glass case of emotion” to group sing-alongs of Afternoon Delight, this film has stuck around, and when the sequel was announced I was full of dread because I honestly believed that nothing could stand up to it; the sequel had very big shoes to fill to be as ‘classy’ as the original.

Anchorman 2 picks up a short while after where the first film left us, with Ron and Veronica as co-anchors on a network news station in New York City, while the rest of the news team, no longer ‘reporting’ the news, have found themselves new lives. Ron is soon fired from the network, ran by veteran news anchor Mack Harken - played by Harrison Ford - who claims he is the worst Anchorman ever. After a typical Ron Burgundy booze fuelled depression due to his dismissal, he is soon asked to be an anchor on a new 24 hour news station, GNN, the first of its kind and something considered utterly ridiculous at the time. For this he needs his news team back, but instead of using his horn to assemble them like before he simply goes looking for them. Brian Fantana has become a world renowned cat - or ‘pussy’ as he likes to call it – photographer, which by the look of his house pays incredibly well. Champ Kind opened up a fast food chicken restaurant after he was found to know absolutely nothing about sports at all; apparently, he knows equally as little about chicken, as his restaurant prefer to serve bats, or “chickens of the cave” as he calls them. Sadly, Brick Tamland is no longer with us and the remaining members of the news team all attend his funeral to pay their respects. A particularly moving speech happens at the funeral from Brick… Yes, Brick attends his own funeral, only to be overjoyed when he is informed that he is not actually dead. GNN has gathered a plethora of anchormen to man the various time slots throughout the 24 hour period, including Jack Lime, played by James Marsden, who has the primetime slot and who is quick to ridicule Ron and his team for having the 2am-5am slot or ‘the graveyard shift’. After a stupidly placed bet by Ron, who claims he can beat Jack’s rating even though Jack has the primetime slot, he quickly has to find a way to make himself a hit, and so decides to report on things the people want to hear rather than what they need to hear, including numerous reports on animals doing funny things and the first part of an 11 part series by Brian Fantana on the top 50 best vaginas. As Ron’s ratings rocket and triple Jack’s, he is soon upgraded to the primetime slot and quickly becomes the king of the news once again.

“Barely in the film but just as awesome as ever”

Anchorman 2 succeeds in an area that many sequels fail, by stepping up and going bigger than the original. The setting, the plot, the outrageousness and the humour are all vastly increased upon in Anchorman 2 to the point where I don’t remember not laughing during the film. The news team all step up their game, making their already ridiculous characters even worse - particularly Brick who in my opinion stands out as the funniest part of the film. Brick is joined by an equally, uhh let’s say ‘special’ character in the film, Chani, and when working in tandem provide a ton of laughs and awkward humour that could rival The Inbetweeners. A great new addition to the cast is Linda Jackson, played by Meagan Good, who is a fellow anchor at GNN and who is clearly aroused by Ron and the way he walks around doing what he wants when he wants. Her attraction to Ron leads to the film’s most awkward moment, where Ron goes to her family’s home for dinner and tries to act black to impress them and ends up getting his ass kicked - which he believes was there way of introducing him into the family like a gang would. As I watched while peering through my fingers at the screen I honestly couldn’t decide whether to laugh or be outraged.

“You can’t imagine the thoughts he’s having right now”

Now, no Anchorman film would be complete without a good old fashion battle between the news stations and the one in this film provides the greatest set of cameos appearances ever shown on screen. A plethora of stellar Hollywood actors appear out of no-where to do battle against Ron Burgundy in what could only be described as a film fans wet dream! I won’t reveal the list of actors who appear in this scene for anyone who hasn’t yet seen the film and wants to be completely gobsmacked by the star power present.


“Is it a bird? A plane? No it’s the private jets of every Hollywood actor ever!”

Overall, Anchorman 2 truly did continue the legend of Ron Burgundy and has quickly become my favourite comedy of the year. There could be an argument for the film running rather long, but when Ron Burgundy is involved, who cares?

This has been Deedsy for The Awesome Update, over and out.

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