Why the after credits scene in The Wolverine is Awesome

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  “The best part of the film wasn’t even part of the film.”

Earlier today, Josh shared his thoughts on the latest X-film, The Wolverine, which saw the return of Hugh Jackman to the iconic role. He pretty much summed everything up nicely for me: Hugh Jackman was once again fantastic as Wolverine, but was let down by a fairly weak story and a lack of any really interesting supporting characters. If I was writing the full review myself, you can be damn sure there’d have been a big rant section about how it was an insult to Claremont and Miller’s story that it was “based on”. Fortunately, I’m not writing the full review, so you can breath a sigh of relief at avoiding that nerd-rampage.

No, what I’m here to talk about is the after credits scene – something that has become as intrinsic to the Marvel cinematic universe as the Stan Lee cameo – that was, no exaggeration, the single greatest part of the film.

I make a point of staying behind to watch the mid- or post-credits scene in Marvel films (or any films I know have them) as I think they’re fantastic little gems. I’ve been continually impressed and excited by Marvel’s little tidbits, but I say with absolute certainty that there the one at the end of The Wolverine blows all the others out of the water. Before I reveal why, I need to do one thing (you know, just so I don’t get verbally assaulted by the people that apparently can’t make the connection between an article titled “Why the after credits scene in The Wolverine is Awesome” and the logical conclusion that it will obviously contain spoilers for said scene):


It’s a pretty simple scene, as they all are. Wolverine is stood in line at the airport, with the subtitle “2 years later”, and a passing shot on the TV about a man named Trask (comic book lovers will get it) building some kind of robots. There’s the obligatory gag about his metal exoskeleton as he opts out of going through the metal detector, and a guard comes to pat him down. It’s then that Wolverine notices coins and other metal objects starting to move in a rather familiar way, and then BAM! Hello Magneto! Wolverine, frozen in place with his bone claws out (which apparently doesn’t bother anyone) glares at Magneto, who tells him that he is needed, that someone is creating something terrible that threatens all of mutant kind. The two long time enemies face off, and both agree that Wolverine has no reason to trust Magneto – but Magneto knows someone who Wolverine can trust.

days of future past 2


"The Master of Magnetism"

And then it clicks. Everyone is frozen in place. We see a familiar wheelchair weave it’s way through the statuesque airport. We see it weave for a bizarrely long time. No, seriously, there’s like a minute long shot of the wheelchair just making its way through the crowd. Not that I cared, because I was too busy sitting forward on the edge of my seat along with everyone else with a mask of absolute delight on my face.


days of future past


"The Master of hair loss"

He’s alive, and he’s awesome. He makes some witty remark about having already told Wolverine that he wasn’t the only one with gifts when asked “How is this possible?”. I honestly couldn’t care less that the explanation for his resurrection is vague at best – he’s alive, and we have our first tie in to the upcoming “Days of Future Past” X-film. I genuinely squealed.

This has been Blacksmith, writing for the Awesome Update.

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