Why Homefront is Kinda Awesome

“A typical Jason Statham action film with a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’ story

I’ll start off by saying that in recent years I’ve lost interest in typical action flicks, such as every Jason Statham film, but when I saw the trailer for Homefront I was sufficiently intrigued by the pairing of Statham and Franco to wander down to the cinema and check it out. One thing I did happen to miss before seeing this film was that it was written by Sylvester Stallone and after the first 10 minutes it was abundantly clear that he had. Homefront has plenty of classic action film one-liners, an ex-undercover DEA agent (Statham) who happens to be one of the most deadly men on the planet, who just wants to enjoy retirement with his daughter and a classic druglord villain (Franco) who manages to find a reason to want our main character dead.

Our story begins with a hog riding biker gang on their way to a drug production lab, with our protagonist Phil Broker (Statham), sporting beautiful long flowing black hair, amongst them. Seriously Statham has shoulder length hair, it’s incredible! Anyway, it is quickly revealed that Statham is an undercover agent working for the DEA and after a police raid of the drug lab and an over the top shoot out, resulting in the biker gang’s leader’s son being shot 47 times in the chest, Phil Broker decides it’s time to move away and live a simple life with his family.


“I wonder if he’s thinking about kicking people in these parts of the film”

Two years on, Broker is living in a typical redneck town in Louisiana, with his daughter Maddie who is soon to be 10 years old, after the passing of his wife sometime before. Maddie has been taught to defend herself very well by her dad and shows it off when taking down the school bully when he attempts to take her hat, this debacle leads us into the main plot of the film. The bully, who got pummelled by Maddie, happens to be the son of a local junkie, Cassie Klum, who just so happens to be the sister of the local druglord, Gator Bodine (Franco). After Klum’s husbands unfortunate run in with Broker for the first time, Cassie decides to get some help from Gator to try and mess with Brokers head and it’s from here that he soon finds out about Broker’s past and then everything escalates from there. With Gator aspiring to increase his drug empire, he attempts to make a deal with the biker gang that Broker betrayed by offering Broker’s location to the gang’s imprisoned leader, Danny T.



Now, aside from the typical action moments and over the top drama, this film does actually manage to show off glimpses of a different side to Statham, rather than just the manliest man ever who can kick you so hard your great grandfather can feel it in his grave. We get to see a loving father figure, who would do anything for his daughter and is struggling to hold himself together after the loss of his wife but is doing so, simply for his daughter’s sake. Now, these moments were short lived and dropped in the middle of the film which seemed to drag on for so long building up to the finale, which after the boring half an hour before it felt like Christmas come early. Franco was what intrigued me the most about this film, as it’s the type of film I wouldn’t normally associate with him. Obviously he’s not averted to playing the bad guy (Harry Osborn in the Spiderman trilogy) or a drug dealer (Alien in Spring Breakers), so this role combined his previous roles and was topped off by a convincing redneck American accent to produce a very enjoyable character. An honourable mention should also go to Wynona Ryder, I mean besides playing Spock’s mother briefly in Abram’s Star Trek reboot what’s she really been doing lately? And yet, here she is playing a convincing crack-whore. Who’d have thought it?


“Broker enjoys mimicking the noises that his gun makes whilst killing people”

I know I have said this is a typical Jason Statham action film for the most part but I must admit that his fight sequences in this film do feel much more brutal and somewhat over the top, something that is mentioned to him by the local Sheriff in the film. So on the whole, Homefront combines an enjoyable performance from Franco and a brutally true to form performance from Statham with a typical Sylvester Stallone script and creates an above average action flick. Good job guys.

This has been Deedsy for The Awesome Update, over and out.

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