Why Pacific Rim is Awesome


Del Toro’s latest flick is thin on plot and characterisation. But who cares? It’s frickin’ Giant Robots kicking the crap out of Aliens.”

I’m going to start this review with an honest approach: Pacific Rim doesn’t make a whole lot of logical sense. We’re asked to accept that some faceless alien race has somehow created an inter-spatial portal somewhere in the depths of the Pacific, from which they send through genetically engineered giant monstrosities as a kind of extermination team to wipe out the human population. They’re also the most considerate invading species ever seen on screen, only sending through one monster at a time, with plenty of downtime between. That is, of course, until the final act of the film where things need to ramp up.

There’s plenty of other head scratchers as well. Like when Gypsy Danger decides to use a large trawler as an impromptu sword, which, whilst undeniably cool makes absolutely no sense given that (a) the ship would break apart on the first strike, and (b) literally in the next fight, it’s revealed that Gypsy Danger has actual swords that sheath in it’s arms. It’s never really explained how a human mind can meld with the dead brain of a giant alien monster, thus revealing their entire history and society structure. Oh, and apparently when aliens invade, they inexplicably affect the natural weather systems of our planet, causing it to rain ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.



"Grrr. Argh."

Basically, what I’m saying is, there’s enough ‘wrong’ with this film to make your head hurt if you think about it for more than a second. There’s certainly enough wrong to justify the flak that the film is receiving – but here’s the interesting point: the flak is only really coming from a vocal minority. The majority seem to love it. It’s certainly having a successful run at the box office, and it’s IMDb ratings are at a pretty impressive 7.8 at time of writing. So why is a film with such obvious and numerous flaws doing so well?


One of the problems with critics these days is that they’ve forgotten that some times, it’s better NOT to go for an oscar worthy script or performance. Sometimes, it’s better to just let the visuals take over and to craft something truly epic that's a wildly entertaining ride. Fortunately, Del Toro seems to understand this, and -everything- is channelled into making this an awesome popcorn flick.



"Prepare to strap in to the Matr...errr Jaeger."

Seriously, I can’t aptly describe in words just how much of an eyegasm this film is. The CGI is incredibly well done – some of the best I’ve seen – and is truly breathtaking. The scope and direction of the fights themselves are mind-blowing and thankfully (take note, Transformers) crystal clear. And, as every epic film needs, there’s plenty of badassery to go around, particularly from the ever awesome Idris Elba.

So all things considered, I’m happy to say that Pacific Rim did indeed cancel the apocalypse. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you waiting for?

This has been Blacksmith, writing for the Awesome Update.

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