Why Thor The Dark World is Awesome!

TitleThor The Dark World succeeds where Iron Man 3 failed, showing real depth, poignancy, humour and a boatload of kick ass action”

Back during the build up to The Avengers, I, like many others, bore niggling worries that the first big team up would struggle to give the individual heroes credit, whilst standing on its own accord. Thankfully, my worries were almost immediately banished, but after the credits rolled, I was left with a new, mirrored worry: how would the Phase 2 films live up to the expectation and quality of the team up?

ThorThe visuals are electr- no, you know what, even I can’t go through with that pun.”

Iron Man 3 was the film to launch Phase 2, and the trailers had me drooling with excitement; sadly, I left the cinema incredibly disappointed, though it had been entertaining enough. It never seemed able to decide what kind of film it wanted to be, and what direction it wanted to go in. It also absolutely butchered the Mandarin and Extremis. The failure of Iron Man 3 only worsened my worries, and I waited with a strong feeling of dread for the next in line and sequel to my favourite of the Phase 1 films, Thor The Dark World. Even after seeing all of the teasers and trailers, I still felt anxious.

Dem Feels“Dem Feels”

But thank Odin, my worries were proven unfounded! This film delivers on almost every promise made during Phase 1 and The Avengers, and does so with a flair rarely seen in superhero movies. There’s a lot of genuine, heartfelt drama in this film, and it absolutely nails it in terms of character development. The dynamic between the two brothers, Thor and Loki, anchors the film, and is a really powerful, intimate and intriguing watch. The love story between Jane Foster and Thor is also well played, going more for subtlety, which ended up working in it’s favour. There’s also plenty of laugh out loud moments, and the humour hits the beat perfectly, without derailing the feel of the film.

Romcom“Thor, Actually”

It wouldn’t be right to talk about the drama and comedy in the film without giving attention to the core genre itself: action. As we expect from the God of Thunder, the action is on an epic scale, with wars, battles and head spinningly inspired portal fighting in abundance. Alan Taylor brings the same visceral yet mesmering style he gave to Game of Thrones, and, with a similar fantasy feel, it works brilliantly.

Despite hearing otherwise beforehand, the villain of the film, Malekith, was really solid. Christopher Eccleston nailed the dark, twisted nature of the character, and he absolutely embodied the creeping evil of the Dark Elf Ruler. It’s true that there’s no real screen time dedicated to the character, so it’s hard to get an emotional investment in him other than “he’s the big evil”, but for the purposes of the story, it works great.

MalekithLegolas has kinda lost his sh*t lately”

Finally, the entire cast is superb, taking to their roles with tenacity. Hemsworth and Hiddleston lead and steal the show, with fantastic performances as the two Godly brothers. All of the supporting cast are spot on as well, with special shout outs to Stellan Skarsgard as the unhinged Dr. Selvig, Anthony Hopkins as the awe-inspiring King of Asgard, Odin, and finally to Ray Stevenson as the ever enjoyable Volstagg.

If, for some strange reason, you’re having doubts about whether to watch this film, stop being stupid and get it watched. Oh, and as always, make sure you stay right till the end of the credits!

This has been Blacksmith writing for The Awesome Update.

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