Why Rush is Awesome

rush_ver9_xlg“The title definitely fits the pace of the film, but its the performances from Hemsworth and Bruhl that take pole position!”

When I first saw the trailer for Rush I wasn’t paying that much attention to it so I wasn’t initially intrigued. Luckily for me, the next time I was. The trailer alone shows the pace of the film, the superb performances and the skilled direction. Seeing the film in the cinema – which I believe is the only way to see a movie to its full potential – blew me away. Ron Howard has created a film in which you feel like you are in the cars with the characters, you feel the energy, you feel the risk involved every time they drive… and it’s thrilling.

RUSHRed was definitely their colour

Rush revolves around the lives of James Hunt played by Chris Hemsworth and Nicki Lauda portrayed with unnerving realism by Daniel Bruhl. Howard concentrates his movie on the famous rivalry between the two drivers during their early career and rise to fame, focusing closely on the 1976 F1 season.

Making a film that involves real people is surely never easy, especially when one or more of them are still alive and even more so when it is a subject that many people still remember. The film has to be accurate enough to satisfy the audience who were there experiencing the event at the time.

Ron Howard and his two stars have cracked this problem so expertly it is hard to tell when Hunt and Lauda end and Hemsworth and Bruhl begin. So engrossed in the characters I became, that as soon as I got home I immediately looked up the real people and was amazed at how alike both actors look to their counter parts, and watching interviews it is clear to see how fully they have embodied their roles.

2He was sure he’d seen that look before

Rush starts by introducing the characters rise into F1 driving, how they became what they were by the infamous 1976 season. Nicki Lauda has a tactical, disciplined mind, who asides from being a very talented driver, uses his brains to improve his chances and capabilities. James Hunt could not be more different; he was one of Britain’s famous playboys in the 70s and enjoys parties and girls as much, if not more than driving. He is an instinctual driver and takes many risks and chances during his races that are usually pulled off with more than just a splash of luck.

3“It wasn’t just the light’s that were about to change.”

Many people are aware of the events at the German Grand Prix of 1976 at the Nurburgring, but that doesn’t stop the re-enactment of Nicki Lauda’s crash being any less surprising and horrific to watch. Lauda survived the crash in which he was trapped as his car burst into flames, but he suffered terrible burns and injuries. This is where the make-up department needs to be applauded; Daniel Bruhl’s burns look so realistic and only add to your sympathy and desire to see him get back on the track.

Even though you are supposed to support James Hunt as the British Driver striving for the World Championship, I found this very difficult; Howard makes you respect both drivers so intensely that, even though their styles are so different you really don’t know who you want to support more. I think it is a great accomplishment for any director to make a film so exciting when the audience know how the film is going to end.

The film is a 15 rating and deservedly so as some of the scenes are very graphic, but this is only right as it makes the audience understand the risks that the drivers went to in this sport at the time, with the almost total lack of safety regulations in the 1970s. Knowing the risks only makes watching what lengths the drivers go to to win all the more astonishing.

I couldn’t rate this film anything less than awesome due to its stunning direction and performances; it is definitely more than just a film about cars.

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