Comics: What to Read 24/02/14

Take a look at what new comic series and jumping on points you should be picking up!

Here’s my next set of comic book reviews! We’ve got more new series and more jumping on points, so without further ado; let’s get to it!

Wolverine #1

What it’s about: After the events of the previous Wolverine storyline, Killable, Logan has lost his healing factor and must rely on a suit of armour to keep doing what he does best. In fact, Wolverine seems to be working for the bad guys. Why has this hero turned to the dark side? And what is his plan?

Why you should read it: The concept alone is interesting: Wolverine can be killed. He’s spent so long throwing himself into deadly situations head-first that he has a hard time adjusting to living without his healing factor. This issue throws you into the middle of a fight and fills in some of the backstory later in the issue. The recap page at the beginning does a decent job of filling in the audience of what has brought Logan to this point and there is plenty of intriguing things going on, including Wolverine learning to shoot a gun.

Verdict (based on issue 1): 7/10 – a decent start and a good concept. Wolverine is out for revenge against those that have wronged him by making him mortal and this issue presents a darker Wolverine willing to break the rules and go against his more heroic characteristics to make those responsible pay. Though not a perfect jumping on point for the story, it does its best to get you up to speed (though prior knowledge of events/characters would surely help).


Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

What it’s about: The God of Mischief (or evil, depending on who you ask) has come to the light side and become a secret agent of Asgard to do the bidding of the All-Mother. His first mission involves infiltrating Avengers Tower and… killing Thor!?

Why you should read it: It’s a fun comic, and that isn’t something you can say a great deal these days. A lot of comic characters are all tragic and never let you forget it, but Loki just seems to be having fun while trying to do some good work to make up for his chequered past. There’s also a very nice throwback to the first issue (ever) of The Avengers which leads into a very surprising last page reveal. To say any more would spoil it, but I can safely say I was surprised and intrigued.

Verdict (based on issue 1): 8/10 – this is one of the only comics I’ve read lately that feels like a light-hearted comic instead of presenting death and tragedy on every page. Loki is instantly likeable as the lead and there are plenty of jokes and amusing moments spread throughout. Overall, a very enjoyable comic.


The Punisher #1

What it’s about: Frank Castle moves to Los Angeles after following up a tip and sticks around to fight the crime and corruption in the City of Angels. Expect guns, blood and well, Frank being Frank.

Why you should read it: It’s the Punisher in a new setting, with new enemies and new challenges. If you’re a fan of the Punisher already, or like street-level superhero (or anti-hero) antics, then The Punisher is right up your street. It’s a new chapter in Frank’s war on crime.

Verdict (based on issue 1): 8/10 – moving Frank to L.A. doesn’t change up the formula, nor should it. The Punisher is all about punishing crime, corruption and injustice wherever he is, and that’s just what he’ll do. With a decent story, and teases of bigger things to come, this is a good start to a new Punisher series.


Ms. Marvel #1

What it’s about: A 16 year old Muslim girl wishes to become more than what she is – and she gets more then she bargained for when she is given the powers of Ms. Marvel!

Why you should read it: There really aren’t any super-heroics in this issue: it’s more of an introduction to the character and her own little world. You meet her friends and family and get to know her as she wishes to break out from her overbearing family and become more than just a Muslim girl to her classmates. More than anything: she wants to be a superhero. By the end of the issue, this comes true.

Verdict (based on issue 1): 5/10 – while not a bad introduction to the new Ms. Marvel, personally I didn’t find this issue to be particularly good. There are some amusing moments and some grating moments, but overall there just isn’t a great deal to go on here.


Guardians of the Galaxy #11.NOW

What it’s about: A ragtag bunch of outlaws come together to protect Earth. While listening in on a tribunal between many alien races, they hear that someone on Earth is to be held accountable for actions they apparently haven’t committed yet. This leads into the Guardians meeting a species they’ve so far avoided: Mutants.

Why you should read it: The Guardians here are pretty much made up of the same characters we’ll see representing the franchise this summer when the film hits; we have Star Lord, Gamora, Groot, Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer. Also joining them is a scantily-clad redhead called Angela, who made her debut in the Marvel Universe only last year. The recap page at the beginning of the issue does a very good job of catching up the audience on who these creatures are and what has brought them to this point. There is also plenty of humour to be had, and lots of alien races to marvel at the designs of. While it doesn’t further the storyline of The Trial of Jean Grey it is tied into (it takes place concurrently with All-New X-Men #22.NOW), it does show how the Guardians have become involved in the affair.

Verdict (based on jumping on point issue 11.NOW): 8/10 – with a tongue-in-cheek approach to sci-fi and a good catch-up page at the beginning, this is a good issue to jump into if you want to get to know the Guardians before the film this summer. There is lots of humour to be had and plenty of exposition to keep you up to date with what’s going on and why.


The Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW

What it’s about: Doc Ock has been in Peter Parker’s body for some time now and the cracks are starting to show. He has ruined Peter’s reputation with friends and family, and instead built up his own life in the form of Peter. The Superior Spider-Man did an excellent job of cleaning up New York… perhaps too good as there is now no opposition for the Green Goblin as his master plan comes to fruition.

Why you should read it: it’s the beginning of the end for the Superior Spider-Man; this is the storyline the Spider-Man comic has been building up to since Doc Ock put his mind into Peter’s body, and things are going from bad to worse as New York is completely overrun with criminals that support the Green Goblin. But who is beneath the Goblin’s mask? And who will come out on top when these two heavyweight Spider-Man villains clash? This is the set up in this issue, with both masterminds playing against each other there will only be one winner.

Verdict (based on jumping on point issue 27.NOW) 7/10 – this is primarily a set up issue, bringing the confrontation between the Superior Spider-Man and Green Goblin straight to the forefront. In fact, the first page is a complete black page with the words “31 Days Later…” across the middle in large white letters. This allows the story to jump straight into Spidey trying to work out how things went bad so quickly. This Green Goblin is a true criminal mastermind and is genuinely menacing. I’m looking forward to seeing how this war between titans plays out.

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